Nothing defeats relaxing in your hot tub after returning home from a long day at work. Hot tubs are a terrific addition to any house because they provide numerous health advantages and may be enjoyed all year round. However, you might be curious about the most efficient way to transport a hot tub if you’re planning a move or simply want to move it to a different spot in your house or yard.

Are you having trouble moving a hot tub to your new house? Moving a hot tub to a new place or just a different location in the yard will be complex. The best news is that it can be done with the proper preparation, tools, and equipment. A hot tub with water can weight up to 6,000 pounds, and a 56-square-foot hot tub typically weighs around 900 pounds when empty.

Yikes! It should go without saying that moving this substantial outdoor item will need some pretty heavy lifting. We strongly advise hiring us, i.e., Hamilton movers packes. However, you may successfully transfer your hot tub by using the instructions listed below, and you’ll soon be able to unwind with a dip in your new garden.

DIY Hot Tub Packing And Moving Tips

Turn Off The Power And Set Up Your Hot Tub For Moving

You can take specific actions to get your hot tub ready for transportation. You’ll want to drain the pumps and the pipes in addition to emptying the shell. Additionally, Hamilton movers packers constantly suggests recycling your hot tub water because it’s quick and straightforward to accomplish.

Fundamental expertise and knowledge

If you need to learn how your home Jacuzzi works and find the manufacturer’s instructions overly complex, it’s best to drop that audacious plan and do what’s best for everyone. With prior planning and preparation, you can only relocate a hot tub to another home.

Get moving assistance

There is no question that relocating a hot tub demands much strength. You will therefore want at least three more helpers to assist with the transfer. I recommend enlisting a team of up to six individuals to help with the heavy lifting. Ask your family and friends as early as you can.

Do not, under any circumstances, try to relocate a hot tub by yourself. Simply put, it takes two people to move the outdoor spa by themselves.

Decide on a route

How do you propose to relocate the hot tub? Moving the hot tub will probably encounter at least a few challenges because of the old and new yards. Whether it’s a small gate opening, a flight of steps, or a constrained pathway, you should devise a strategy for overcoming these obstacles. Which side of the house—the front or the back—will you carry it out? Manage your time so that you are aware of the best location for the moving truck on the actual moving day.

Discharge the hot tub in a new area

Check once more that you can move the hot tub without running into a garage door, wall, or other impediments before the moving truck arrives at the place for the hot tub.

While another person assists in guiding the tub down the ramp, keep one person inside the vehicle to hold the tub. Place the 4×4 boards underneath the tub after carefully moving it to the new location so the dolly can slide underneath. Once it’s in the ideal location, gradually remove each board until the tub perfectly rests on the ground.

Place the hot tub on a dolly

The best approach to transfer a hot tub after the preparation work is to use a dolly. 

Two individuals should be placed on opposite corners of the same side. They should elevate one side while sliding a 4×4 piece of lumber below. The tub will be raised off the ground with the help of this lumber.

You should be able to slip the dolly underneath the hot tub from this position. So take advantage of this phase! First, carefully position the dolly in the proper place because the tub is already raised up and is pretty hefty. Then, you should lift the other side of the hot tub and take the wooden boards off once it is appropriately placed.

Make a moving truck reservation

Make sure you have a moving truck to accommodate the hot tub before relocating it. You might need to hire a box truck that is at least 15 feet long, depending on the size of your hot tub. U-Haul claims that the interior dimensions of a 15-foot moving truck is 15′ x 7’8′′ x 7’2′′ (L*W*H). Before renting a truck, be careful to measure your hot tub to ensure it will fit. A loading ramp must also be included in your rental truck to make the transition easier. There are many truck rental businesses to pick from for relocating your hot tub.

Many people will relocate the tub to a completely separate house. Ensure one person pushes the hot tub from below while another pulls the dolly up the ramp. The third assistant should stand on one side of the ramp to keep the hot tub from toppling.

Evaluate the environment

Is your hot tub tucked away in a small space or surrounded by landscaping? Is it already on the ground level, or would you have to carry it down the stairs? When evaluating the area around your hot tub, you should ask yourself these questions. If moving the hot tub will interfere with or harm a yard’s landscaping, you’ll need to devise a moving strategy to get around this problem.

Put the hot tub onto the truck, and roll it up to the loading ramp

Roll your hot tub cautiously in the direction of the moving truck rental after it has been fastened to the dollies. It might take more than four persons to push it up the truck’s loading ramp. After that, be careful to secure the hot tub by having at least one assistant inside the truck. Keep your dollies in position so you can easily unload the hot tub once you reach your destination and roll it to its new location. Remember to fasten the hot tub to the truck’s sidewalls as well. This will stop it from moving while being transported.

Thoroughly wash and dry your hot tub

You can now give it a thorough cleaning after all the water has been drained. This should be a manageable task that requires vigorous scrubbing. Since you don’t want to use chemicals or scratch your hot tub’s shell, this is a reasonably sensitive task. Use soft microfiber cloths to quickly clean the entire surface of your hot tub without causing any damage. Make sure to clean every crevice and nook. “Water left in the pipes and equipment can produce bacteria biofilm,” says hot tub experts. Additionally, without water, gaskets seals dry out and start to leak. Therefore, be careful not to leave your hot tub unattended.

Check The Hot Tub And Fix It

The intricate work of the relocation is almost completed! Take advantage of the opportunity to clean the tub again. In addition, check for damage caused during the move to its new position. Feel free to refill it with water after cleaning it up and connect it to the nearby power source.

Remember to add any chemicals to prevent the growth of algae. Another advice is to constantly cover the tub when not in use to keep out insects, dirt, sticks, and other detritus that you’d have to clean out later.


Do you prefer to hire moving professionals?

Moving a hot tub is a difficult task. If you choose to engage experts for the job (and we don’t blame you! ), look for a respectable moving business like Hamilton movers packers, who have a vast network of trustworthy movers who are all licensed and insured. You may feel secure knowing that your hot tub will be well-cared during the moving process if you choose us.

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