Moving can be a very distressing time in an individual’s life, particularly on the off chance that the person has not recruited suitable removals service. Piano moves are very exhaustive and complicated. That is why, people often have a lot of questions and doubts regarding, how and when a piano should be moved. In this blog, we will answer a few most commonly asked questions, that will help you move your piano with ease and sort out a lot of the questions. This article will also be helping you choose the right piano movers like Hamilton Movers Packers.

Why Choose Professional Piano Movers Rather than Moving on Your Own?

While moving a piano, you would undoubtedly be moving from 800-1K pounds of weight. Grand pianos can weigh somewhere in the range of 650 and 1300 pounds. The price of a piano can fluctuate from a couple of hundred dollars to 500,000 dollars relying upon the make, model, age and state of the piano.

And when it comes to the architecture of the house, it is very tricky and difficult for a normal person to move it through the narrow pathways, high risings, and steps.

Most of the piano moves include moving the instrument through a restricted space. For example, a little door jamb or flight of stairs. That is why it is always advised to hire professional piano movers Hamilton for the job.

You definitely need the help of 4-6 people. And even if you get your companions to move your piano, there are very high chances of damaging your piano or yourself in the process.

A professional piano removals company will be equipped with all the necessary piano moving tools and machines. Like piano moving trolley, dollies, sliders, disassembling tools, moving straps, etc.

Does Piano Removals Affect the Sounds of the Piano?

Normal piano removal won’t influence the sound of the piano, or its tuning unless it’s being moved by professional piano movers. By and large, piano tuning is influenced by changes in temperature and moistness. Which cause the wooden and steel portions of your piano to extend and contract.

You will likely need to tune your piano half a month subsequent to moving it and letting it adapt to new weather of the new location. Other possible reasons you might be facing the problem, is because of the acoustics of the space where it is placed.

A carpet absorbs the sound whereas ceramic tiles, and wood can reflect back the sounds. It also happens because of the size of the space in which the piano is placed. A small or closed space will create a louder sound, as compared to a larger space, in which the sound could be lost.

Is a Pre-Move Survey Important for Piano Removals?

When moving a piano, no one can know better than its owner, about the condition of the piano. A pre-move survey is a type of inspection, in which your moving company will come to your place to obtain the information. And prepare the final quotation based on that.

But the question arises, is it necessary to call for a pre-move survey? Well, not necessarily! Pre-move surveys can be called based on the customers’ satisfaction levels. If you want to be assured that everything goes well during the move, or your piano is in some special state, like ages, damaged, or in brand new condition, you may go ahead.

This will also help you finalize your quote and will avoid the chances of paying extra (hidden fee) after the relocation.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

Not every piano removal costs the same. There are a lot of factors that determine and influence the cost of moving a piano according to different piano removals companies.

The common factors are mentioned below-

Piano moving is commonly charged in one of two different ways:

  • Type (upright, grand) and size of piano
  • Distance to be covered
  • Difficulty level because of steps, grass pulls, turns, high rises, low slopes and so on
  • Time restrictions and restraints
  • Any special demand for unique packing, piano cleaning or storage service.

How Well in Advance Do You Have to Book the Piano Removals Service?

At the point when you recruit an expert piano mover, for example, Hamilton movers Packers. You can expect 2-3 individuals to go to your home. Resourced with piano disassembling tool kit, moving blankets, moving trolleys, slings, and the information on the most proficient method to move your piano securely.

They will use extraordinary methods to move the piano out of your home. At the point when the piano is put on the truck, it will be securely bound in a position so as to avoid the damage from all the jerks and vibrations. In most complicated moves, 4-6 piano movers might be put in use.

However, the chance of the damage is unforeseen and can occur even when you hire a professional moving company. What can console you, is a good insurance cover. Hamilton Movers Packers provide a good insurance cover to its customers. So that throughout the moving journey they could feel level headed.

How Long in Advance Do You Have to Give Notice to Your Piano Removalists?

The measure of notice required will rely upon when and where you need the piano to be moved. Most piano movers book their conveyances on a first-come, first-served base. That is why it’s being said by most of the removals companies in Hamilton. Whenever you have a date in your mind you can contact us and book your survey.

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