Pool tables are a fantastic addition to any house, but moving one might be difficult. Depending on the design and quality, pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds or more. 

Moving a pool table needs experience and several extra pairs of hands because they can’t be moved through doorways, corridors, or stairs. Your pool table may simply be transported across town or even across the nation if done correctly. You might quickly lose your expensive investment if it is not treated properly. So, in this blog, Hamilton Movers Packers has mentioned some tips to move a pool table safely. These pool table moving tips by our expert piano movers in Hamilton, NZ, will surely help you experience a smooth and stress-free pool table removal. 

6 Tips For Moving A Pool Table

Listed below are a few tips you can implement while moving a pool table:

1. Measure Doorways

In order to transport the pool table across the entirety of the house without imposing any damage, you need to evaluate the space available prior to dismantling the surface. To figure out how much space your pool table needs to fit through a passageway, corridor, or staircase, use a measuring instrument and note the sizes. 

Whether you’re transferring the pool table to a new place or just shifting it into the other room of your house, measuring the pathways is crucial. A fresh spot for the game table needs adequate space to accommodate it, so check for that as well.

2. Gather Supplies And Tools For Moving A Pool Table

Once you’ve determined that you’ll need to relocate your pool table, you must begin by gathering the necessary items. 

Here are the packing materials and tools you’ll need to disassemble and relocate the table:

  • Measuring tape
  • Power drill
  • Dollies or moving carts
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Level
  • Cutting tools such as snips
  • Socket wrench
  • Staple remover or puller
  • Bubble wrap or moving blankets to protect the pool table

Once you have the above tools, you’ll be ready to continue packing and moving a pool table.

3. Dissemble The Pool Table

After obtaining the measurements and gathering the packing materials for a pool table, you can start the process of disassembling the pool table. This will make transporting it to your new location much more manageable. To ensure the safety of your pool table during disassembly, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Begin by removing the primary components and legs of the pool table. The ball pockets are often attached to the table frame with staples or screws. So, carefully remove these fasteners using a screwdriver or staple remover to avoid damaging the fabric. Once the side pockets are removed, use a socket wrench to take out the bolts from the bottom rail. To make reassembly easier, place the pockets and rails in labeled plastic bags.

By disassembling the pool table with care and following the recommended steps, you can ensure that it’s ready to be transported and reassembled in its new location without any damage.

4. Label Everything 

Numerous parts are used to make pool tables. To guarantee that the right components are reassembled in the right spot and that they are stored safely, make sure you or a buddy is gathering and labeling every single screw, bolt, and pocket. 

A single screw, which is sometimes not easily accessible at any hardware shop, might prevent you from correctly reassembling your pool table once you get there. So, don’t take a chance; label everything properly to make the unpacking and reassembling easy.

5. Protect All Parts And Load The Truck

Before transferring the game room piece to your new home, make sure to completely cover every piece of the pool table in moving blankets (and possibly bubble wrap, if needed). The slates should be protected as much as possible when loading the pool table onto the truck because they are both quite heavy and sensitive. 

It is advisable to drive cautiously once the pool table has been placed into the vehicle to prevent its parts from moving and breaking while being transported.

6. Reassemble The Pool Table In Your New Home

Now that you’ve successfully moved your pool table to your new location, the final crucial step is to reassemble it. While it’s possible to undertake this task on your own, enlisting the help of professional pool table removalists is recommended, especially if you lack prior experience in reassembling pool tables. Their expertise can ensure that the table is put together accurately, minimizing the risk of any issues arising.

Here’s a breakdown of the reassembly process:

  1. Leveling the Slates: The first step involves placing the slates back onto the table’s frame. Achieving a perfectly level playing surface is essential for the optimal performance of the pool table. 
  2. Fitting the Rails: Once the slates are in place, the next task is to attach the rails. Rails provide the boundaries for the pockets and contribute to the table’s overall stability. Ensuring that the rails are securely fitted is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the table.
  3. Applying New Felt: Replacing the felt is an important aspect of reassembling the pool table. The felt not only affects the table’s appearance but also has a significant impact on the ball’s movement. So, carefully stretch and attach the new felt to ensure a smooth and even playing surface.
  4. Installing the Pockets: Attaching the pockets is the next step. Properly secured pockets are crucial for capturing the balls during gameplay. Professionals ensure that the pockets are correctly aligned and securely fastened to the table.
  5. Checking for Levelness: Once the reassembly is complete, the professionals thoroughly check the table’s levelness. This step is essential to ensure that the balls roll true and that gameplay is fair and accurate.
  6. Adding a New Liner: As a final touch, a new liner can be applied along the edges of the pool table. The liner not only enhances the table’s aesthetics but also serves as a protective barrier between the table’s frame and the rails.


Although moving a pool table by yourself is challenging, it is possible with the correct equipment and some extra aid. By following these steps for moving a pool table, you can successfully transport your pool table to its new location without causing damage to the equipment or risking injury to yourself and others.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’d prefer to hire pool table movers and completely eliminate the hassle. Hamilton Movers Packers‘ team has a lot of experience in pool table removals in Hamilton, NZ. Your table will be handled gently by our staff, and we’ll make sure it gets to your new location undamaged. Simply call us at 07808 0810 or mail us at info@hamiltonmoverspackers.co.nz to book our pool table moving services in Hamilton. 

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