A pool table is not any ordinary piece of furniture, which you can easily handle on your own. A billiard table is an expensive item that provides charm to the locality of your room. The pool table is used to play cue sports in a limited area.

People having fun whenever they found themselves around it.

But what about the part when you try to move it by yourself.

It’s not one of the most secure ideas.

It takes intense care on every step while moving it.

This short description may not clear the image in your mind but, looking by the size of a pool table, the task of shifting it is a hard nut to crack.

But you don’t need to stretch your muscles for that when our professional team of pool table movers in Hamilton are here to help you.

Our firm Hamilton Movers Packers will make sure the smooth movement of your pool table to its new location in no time.

Hamilton Movers Packers stands upon all the mandatory guidelines given by epic regulatory associations from removals services in Hamilton. These agencies helps protect the customers and their rights by decertifying fraudulent movers and comforting border regulations for removalists of NZ.

What Part Will Our Professional Pool Table Movers Play in the Movement of Your Pool Table?

Of course, they will play the most relevant part of bringing your pool table to its new place.

As a team of experienced workers, this is there primarily target to give you the best billiard table removals service.

Our team will ensure that not a single part of your pool tables like the slate, cabinets, bed cloth, rails, frame and, more will damage during the entire process.

By a short margin or a large margin, our team will move your pool table the way you wanted it to move.

What Will be the Procedure Of Our Team of Pool Table Movers to Move Your Pool Table?

Taking out the blueprint of your current and new layout will be our first objective. It will make our team understands the surface area every room share with another room in your place.

It will expand the roots of how we are going to move your pool table from one location to another without bordering the movement limits.

First, one will begin with the carrying of the entire set of pool table out of its previous place and placed it to its new location without dismantling any part of it.

And the second one is disassembled and reassemble it.

This one is easy to move method but requires proper tools and techniques.

Tools like a staple remover, set of a flathead screwdriver, socket wrench, a power drill, safety goggles will help our team of billiard table movers to make a move.


1- Unhook the pockets- Number one step of disassembling the pool table is to take out its pockets. By using a screwdriver or staple removal, the members of our team are unfastening the pocket one by one.

2- Disengage the rail- Now we get the rail out safely by removing all the bolts from the section by the help of a socket wrench.

3- Remove the felt- The felt of the table is removed by three methods. Either we use the staple remover to pull it out or pull the cloth gently in the backward motion in the case when your felt is glued to the table or just simply, rip it off if you have pre-planned to replace it.

4- Take out the slate- After choosing one of the options from the above. We come down to the hardest part of this process.

Our team use the drill to remove the screws of the slate. And release the slates one by one. With the combined strength of our team, we remove the slate without causing any damage.

5- Remove the frame and legs- After successfully deal with the above part. The process of finishing this last step is now in effect.

Our team of billiard table movers will flip the remaining part and remove each leg and spare part of the frame.

Here the steps of disassembling of your pool table are done.

Packaging And Storage

The use of re-sealable bags,  set of moving blankets or thick regular blankets, sheets of bubble wrap, packing tape will provide the safe touch to all the items of your pool table.

And by using the strong multi-wheel dolly. Your pool table will we store in our safe warehouse.

Arrival at the New Location

If you want to move your pool table from one room to another than you don’t need us to cover all the steps above. It is quite easy for us.

But if your new location is further away from the current one. Then your pool table needs our transportation help. With the variety of Trucks and vans, you have no issue in the compatibility section.

After arrival at the new place, your pool table will be reassembled in the same shape by covering all the steps backward.

After completing our work and takes your remark, we bid you a farewell. And hope we cover up every expectation you have from us.

Cost of Our Pool Table Movers Service

This part is not lengthy. Not for you, not for our customers. Because of the service charge, we offer you always come under your budget.

The Reliable Pool Table Movers

We believe in quality service in no time with minimum cost. That’s why many of our customers believe in us. And Hamilton Movers Packers assure the promise of a healthy relation with them.

For more information,

Call us on- +64 7 808 0810 or you can write us on our email- info@hamiltonmoverspackers.co.nz

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