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Pool Table Movers Arakura

Professional Pool Table Movers Arakura, New Zealand

A pool table comprises many delicate and small components like slates, side cushions, sensitive felt, railings, etc. While moving the pool table, extra care should be given because if the sensitive felt of the pool table is damaged, it has to be removed entirely, and the felt has to be spread again. Pool tables are heavy shaped, with a cloth surface effortlessly broken if uncovered to sharp edges. Moving a billiard desk isn't a job for the green or regular humans. You want someone who has professionalism, revel in safety, and correctly moves billiard tables. Our professional pool table movers in Arakura take care of your precious pool table to prevent this type of situation from arising.

Pool Table Movers Arakura

Our pool table movers at Hamilton Movers Packers, Arakura, are well-trained to handle pool table movers in Arakura, and they are experienced enough to move any heavy pool table. We have professional pool table movers in Arakura, for quick, reliable, cost-effective, and in time completion of pool table moving service in Arakura.

The Pool Table Movers team in Arakura have moved loads of pool tables over the past decade into their new homes inside the circle of relatives room upstairs, in the video games room in the basement, in the parking, or at the beach home.

Hamilton Movers Packers, Arakura, brings 8 years of experience in pool table removals in Arakura. Trust our reliable Pool Table Moving Service in Arakura for a seamless relocation.

The most commonly moved pool tables are:

Slate Pool Table: A slate pool table offers traditional gameplay on slabs of slate beneath the felt. It is essential to handle these tables with care during disassembly and reassembly.

Mechanical Pool Table: These tables incorporate mechanical elements, making them more challenging to dismantle. We highly recommend seeking professional assistance for the disassembly process to ensure it is done correctly and safely.

Along with the above mentioned, our pool table movers Arakura team have experience moving the following as well:

  1. Contemporary and Modern ones such as craftsman, farmhouse, tropical, Victorians, Rustic, and more.
  2. Based on the size and material- standards, large, Bar, mini, wood, slate alternative, plastic, and more.
  3. Based on clothes- Polyester, woollen, worsted wool, and more.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Pool Table Moving Service In Arakura

There are several benefits of hiring our pool table moving services in Arakura. Some of them are:

Experienced Pool Table Movers: Hamilton Movers Packers provides cheap and affordable pool table movers in Arakura who have experience of 8+ years in the pool table or snooker table removals in Arakura. During this duration, they have relocated a total of 2000+ pool tables, and the number has only been increasing. This experience has helped our billiard table movers Arakura team refine their services and make them ready to handle all types of relocations, large or small, local or interstate, no matter the obstacle. They are always ready for all kinds of challenges. Our billiard table movers Arakura team is friendly, well trained, and experienced.

Efficient And Safe Relocation: Hamilton Movers Packers has Arakura's most skilled and efficient pool table movers. They ensure that your stressful and tiring relocation becomes easy and smooth. Our pool table removals in Arakura are always on time and never cause any unnecessary delays, as our movers are aware of all the routes and directions. They always ensure that your relocation is done on time to provide a hassle-free moving experience to all our customers.

The pool table moves are tiring and cumbersome to deal with alone, which is why our billiard table movers in Arakura take away all your stress by making this process quick and efficient. Our pool table movers are proficient and well versed in their job roles.

Latest Moving Tools: Our dedicated pool table removalists in Arakura are equipped with the latest tools and equipment needed for pool table removal in Arakura so that the entire removal process is done with 100% accuracy and smoothness.

High-Quality Packing Supplies: Our pool table moving team in Arakura also uses its high-quality packaging and vehicles to provide completely safe and secure relocations with no chances of error. Our packaging provides an extra layer of security for all the goods. Our moving truck in Arakura also has tail lifts which make transportation smoother and quicker.

Cost-Effective: Our pool table removal costs in Arakura are designed to be affordable and budget-friendly, ensuring that you receive top-notch services at a reasonable price. Hamilton Movers Packers offers cost-effective and budget-friendly pool table removals in Arakura. In addition, we provide free quotes to our customers, allowing them to compare prices among different movers and select the most affordable option that offers superior services.

Local And Interstate Services: No matter how small or long the moving distance is, we will let you move from Arakura to any part of Hamilton, Arakura. Our movers and packers understand that relocating heavy equipment can be challenging, regardless of the distance or location. Our team is familiar with every city in New Zealand and has a proven track record of successful pool table moves.

Factors On Which Our Arakura Pool Table Moving Cost Depends

We have extensive experience in providing pool table moving services in Arakura, having successfully relocated more than 1500 pool tables of various sizes and types. The cost of the pool table move is determined by several factors, including:

  1. Pool deck location
  2. Accessibility for the truck to load and unload the pool deck
  3. The size of the pool deck
  4. Number of slate sections in the pool table
  5. Number of removalists required for the move
  6. The distance over which the pool table is being transported
  7. Inclusion of any additional items in the move
  8. Pool table size and weight

Pool Table Sizes

*Pool tables are available in many sizes;

*6ft pool desk 6 x 3 1829mm x 914mm.

*7ft billiard desk 7 x three'6 2134mm x 1067mm.

*8ft snooker desk 8 x 4 2438mm. X 1219mm.

*9ft pool table 9 x 4'6 2743mm x 1372mm.

*10ft billiard desk 10 x 5 3048mm x 1524mm.

*12ft snooker desk 12 x 6 3658mm. X 1829mm.

We propose a room size of the following for each pool table size table:

*6ft pool desk room length of 4.5m x 3.7m.

*7ft billiard desk room length of 4.9m x 3.9m.

*8ft snooker table room length of 5.2m x 4m.

*9ft pool desk room size of 5.5m x 4.2m.

*10ft billiard table room length of 5.8m x 4.3m.

*12ft snooker desk room size of 6.5m x 4.6m.

Why Choose Our Pool Table Movers In Arakura?

Hamilton Movers Packers, offers several other services, along with snooker table removals in Arakura. Some of our services include piano removals, house removals, and a man with a van removal, among others. You can book any of our services for a smooth and hassle-free experience. All you have to do is contact us, and we will take care of all the tiniest details and provide you with the best moving experience. Here are some additional reasons to hire our pool table moving service in Arakura:

Insurance Coverage: When you choose our pool table moving services in Arakura, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool table is fully protected. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company, which means that we take responsibility for the safety and security of your pool table during the entire moving process. In addition, our insurance coverage ensures that in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as damage or loss, you are financially protected.

Free Moving Quote: We believe in transparency and providing our customers with accurate and fair pricing. That's why we offer free moving quotes for your pool table relocation in Arakura. Our expert team in Arakura will visit your location, assess the specific requirements of your move, and provide you with an exact estimate of the shifting costs. This allows you to plan your budget effectively and eliminates any surprises or hidden fees.

Professional Packing Assistance: Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to packing and unpacking your pool table. Our experienced and skilled pool table moving specialists in Arakura are here to help you. They will assist you in efficiently and securely packing your pool table, ensuring that it is well-protected during transit. In addition, we understand the proper techniques and materials needed to handle your pool table with care.

Secure Protection: We prioritize the safety of your belongings, including your pool table. To ensure maximum protection, we design and use custom crates specifically tailored to your pool table's dimensions in Arakura. These custom crates provide a secure and sturdy enclosure for your pool table, minimizing the risk of any damage or scratches during the moving process. Your pool table will remain safe and intact throughout the journey.

Pool Table Storage Facilities: In addition to our pool table moving services, we offer safe and secure storage options in Arakura. Whether you need temporary storage during the transition or a long-term storage solution, our facilities are equipped to meet your needs. Our storage facilities in Arakura are designed to provide a safe environment for your pool table or billiard table, with 24-hour surveillance and temperature-controlled settings. As a result, you can trust that your pool table will be stored securely until you are ready to have it delivered to your desired location.

By choosing Hamilton Movers Packers, you can be benefited from our commitment to quality service, including insurance coverage, free moving quotes, professional packing assistance, secure protection for your belongings, and access to safe storage facilities in Arakura.

Our Additional Removal Services Offered By Hamilton Movers Packers

Hamilton Movers Packers provides comprehensive pool table transportation services along with secure storage facilities in Arakura tailored to meet our customers' diverse needs. Our priority is to ensure that all belongings remain in pristine condition throughout their time in our warehousing facility. To achieve this, we employ proper packaging techniques to protect your items from any damage or deterioration.

We place great emphasis on safety and take various precautionary measures to safeguard your assets from theft or breakage while they are in our storage facility. Rest assured; we assume full responsibility for the security and well-being of your goods during their stay with us. Our commitment extends to guaranteeing the safety of your belongings throughout your tenure under our care.

Additionally, our pool table movers Arakura offer insurance coverage to provide added protection for your goods during the removal process. While our movers in Arakura are highly skilled and take every precaution to ensure the safety of your belongings, unforeseen circumstances can occur. In such instances, you can rely on our insurance coverage to compensate for any damages incurred.

Contact Us For Safe Pool Tabe Removal In Arakura!

If you're in need of reliable and secure pool table removal services in Arakura, look no further. Our team at Hamilton Movers Packers is here to assist you. With years of experience and a commitment to professionalism, we ensure a hassle-free and safe removal process for your pool table.

To get in touch with us, please use the following contact information:

Phone: 07808 0810


Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated team in Arakura will be happy to assist you and provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your specific requirements.

FAQs | Cheap Pool Table Removals Arakura

What sets your pool table moving service apart from others in Arakura?

Our pool table moving service in Arakura stands out due to our experienced team, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize the safe handling and transportation of your pool table, ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience.

Yes, we can arrange for pool table storage in Arakura if needed. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, we can help you safely store your pool table until you are ready for its delivery or installation.

Absolutely! Hamilton Movers Packers is a local pool table moving company in Arakura. Our team is familiar with the area and specializes in efficiently handling the logistics of moving your pool table within the local region. Whether you're moving within the same neighborhood or across Arakura, you can rely on our reliable and efficient services.

We have experience moving various types and sizes of pool tables. Whether you have a standard 7-foot, 8-foot, or larger custom-sized table, we can handle it. Our movers in Arakura are trained to handle different styles, including slate, wooden, and coin-operated pool tables.

Happy Clients

Clients Testimonials For Our Cheap Pool Table Moving Service In Arakura

When it comes to pool table moving services in Arakura, Hamilton Movers Packers is the name to trust. Their pool table removal cost was reasonable, and the service exceeded my expectations. They were punctual, professional, and had all the necessary equipment. I'm glad I found such reliable billiard table movers in Arakura.

John Smith


I had a tight budget for moving my pool table, but Hamilton Movers Packers offered affordable pool table movers in Arakura without compromising on quality. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction were impressive. They are the go-to choice for pool table movers near me.

Misha Miles


Hamilton Movers Packers made my pool table removal in Arakura stress-free. Their team of local pool table movers Arakura was efficient and handled the entire process with precision. The billiard table removals service they provided was top-notch, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need.

David Sargent


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